24 Craft beers we make

St. George Golden Pilsner (SUMMER)

 Time on the St. George lake deserve an easy drinker with, Czech hops, light lager

Waldo Amber Ale 

Malty, low hop amber ale with a copper hue.

​Subtle and refined at the same time

Tunk Spruce Ale

A Maine made Spruce Ale..A Favorite!!

 (only in Spring)  "a glass of Maine "        

Smoked Spider Rauchbier(Latesummer)

Baumberg German style Lager, the grains are smoked in our wood furnance

Liberty Pale Ale

A Citra IPA. Hoppy, Citrus and balanced

​Maine Style pale, GRAPEFRUITY

Queen Bee Honey Lager        

Named after my grammy Faye "Queen Bee" a spritzy refreshing lager, notes of honey.

Chocolate Stout

A creamy, smooth dark Ale. On the sweet end with a full body and mild hopping,.

​good for cow tipping.

Night Cap Coffee Porter

Bold, Rich, Dry Aged Lager beer with 7 malts

Good anytime of the day.  

Dewey's  IPA      

A West meets East style IPA with enough hops to make sawing Cedar sound fun. Drink in Dewey style, extra cold.

Vienna Moonrise

Vienna style lager beer, not hoppy and light

Chupacabra Pale Ale

Hoppy and Bold, with a  Beastly.....yet so drinkable bite

-features New Zealand Hops

Optimus Pine

Bold citrus and piney hops transforms to a

more drinkable palate of India pale, where 

there is more than meets the eye.