Waldo Amber Ale 

Malty, low hop amber ale with a copper hue.

​Subtle and refined at the same time

Tunk Spruce Ale

A Maine made Spruce Ale..A Favorite!!

 (only in Spring)  "a glass of Maine "        

Smoked Spider Rauchbier(Latesummer)

Baumberg German style Lager, the grains are smoked in our wood furnance

Liberty Pale Ale

A Citra IPA. Hoppy, Citrus and balanced

​Maine Style pale, GRAPEFRUITY

Queen Bee Honey Lager        

Named after my grammy Faye "Queen Bee" a spritzy refreshing lager, notes of honey.

Leffe Milk Stout

A creamy, smooth dark Ale. On the sweet end with a full body and mild hopping,.

​good for cow tipping.

Night Cap Coffee Porter

Bold, Rich, Dry Aged Lager beer with 7 malts

Good anytime of the day.  

A Great Neighborhood Place, All Welcome

Dewey's  IPA      

A West meets East style IPA with enough hops to make sawing Cedar sound fun. Drink in Dewey style, extra cold.

Chupacabra Pale Ale

Hoppy and Bold, with a  Beastly.....yet so drinkable bite

-features New Zealand Hops

Pie Eyed Pumpkin Ale

Just what you thought it was... a naturally flavored pumkin ale with fall spices and a whallop 

St. George Golden Pilsner (SUMMER)

 Time on the St. George lake deserve an easy drinker with, Czech hops, light lager

Optimus Pine

Bold citrus and piney hops transforms to a

more drinkable palate of India pale, where 

there is more than meets the eye.

24 Craft beers we make